With the first central subsidy in China, Shandong's comprehensive utilization of biomass energy has entered the fast lane

Recently, the state announced the biomass power generation in 2020 central subsidy project declaration results, in the 77 projects in Shandong a total of 13 projects successfully included in the subsidy list, the number of projects ranked first in the country. In order to ensure the steady and orderly development of biomass and strive for more projects to enjoy national subsidies, Shandong Province issued the "Manual for Biomass Power Generation Project Central Subsidy Application Enterprise" to actively organize and carry out the application work and guide enterprises to fill in relevant information as required. At the same time, the first time to open a 24-hour service hotline, strict checks, careful audit, to avoid the enterprise to declare questions, false alarm, omission and other problems, "hand in hand" guide the province to meet the conditions of biomass power generation projects to participate in the state subsidies. "Biomass energy is the straw collection of agriculture and forestry waste as raw materials for the biomass concentration for disposal, used to generate electricity, heating, and other fields, both prevent farmers direct in situ burning straw brings environmental pollution, increase farmers' income, have higher social benefits, environmental benefits and economic value, to speed up the optimization of energy structure adjustment and boost rural revitalization of far-reaching influence." According to the relevant person in charge of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Department of Shandong Energy Bureau, as a major agricultural province, Shandong has more than 100 million mu of arable land, so it has unique advantages to develop biomass energy. In recent years, the province has been leading the country in the fields of green power generation, clean heating and other comprehensive utilization of biomass energy, which is driven by innovation, adaptation to local conditions and comprehensive promotion. Since 2018, Shandong has carried out pilot demonstration work of biomass energy promotion and application in five counties (cities), including Yangxin, Sishui, Yuncheng, Zoucheng and Anqiu. The annual consumption of biomass energy has exceeded 800,000 tons, providing strong support for regional coal substitution and haze control.



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